How things get done

New Meeting is self-governing. We own our own buildings and pay for all running costs and professional employment services.

Ultimately it is the membership of the congregation and Trustees who set the steer for how things get done. They elect a committee who organise and suggest ways forward, but they always remain directly accountable.


The Committee, which includes the President (Chair), Vice-President Treasurer, Secretary, and several other members, is the elected volunteer leadership of the congregation. The Committee’s primary roles relate to finances, policy, staff, buildings, and long-term strategy.

Everyone at New Meeting though..... welcome to have their say, and to take on a project, issue, cause that they may be interested in, or have some expertise with. A simple word with anyone on the committee sets this ball in motion.  The Committee


New Meeting depends on its own fundraising for paying staff, maintaining buildings, and paying for the equipment and many supplies required to create and maintain a vital community.

Funds come from various sources: hire of buildings, pledges and donations by New Meeting members and grants.

Pledges and Membership

The members of the congregation currently provide approximately one third of the cost of operating New Meeting.

Anyone who wishes to become a member and is in sympathy with New Meeting House ethos will be invited by the congregation to make an annual pledge or donation, as a sign of their commitment and support.

Members are entitled to voting and office-holding rights. 


Eventually, you will wonder how to do something at New Meeting. Here are some Q&As. If you have more questions, please ask! And send your questions to Graham Williams.

Q: Is there a particular time of year for pledging?

A: Annual pledges need to be made by the beginning of each financial year (1st October). Newcomers are encouraged to pledge whenever they feel ready. They can pledge for the remainder of the current year and then join the annual schedule the following October.

Q: How can I make a suggestion?

A: Talk directly to whomever is responsible for the particular area involved. If that is not apparent, raise it with the president or the minister, or any member of the committee.

Q: How can I get to know people better?

A: Participate. There are groups of all sorts taking place at New Meeting.

Q: I’d like to start a new group. Who do I need to talk to?

A: New Meeting’s policy is to say “yes, how can we help?” to new initiatives that align with New Meeting`s values and mission. You must have at least one other person committed to helping with the new project. Talk to the president or minister in the first instance.

Q: How can I help?

A: There are many ways to help, large and small, depending on your interests. If you’re interested in serving on the Committee, speak to any of the Committee members or email them: The Committee


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