We are People of Many Beliefs and Backgrounds

We believe that we need not think alike to love alike. Therefore as curious and caring thinkers and doers, we are joined in our common desire to make a difference for the good of all.

Our community is just the same as any family. We accept each other, with all our differences and talents. We accept you for whom and what you are. So we are diverse in faith, gender, age, sexuality and spirituality, but as one in standing on the side of love, justice, and peace.

We are people of many beliefs and backgrounds people with a religious grounding, people with none, people who believe in a God, people who don’t, and people who choose leave those mysteries be.

We welcome you: your whole self, with all your truths and your doubts, your worries and your hopes. We watch each other learn and grow as we explore our faiths, our identities, and our world. 

We are concerned with the higher human values of love, forgiveness, forbearance and generosity.

We would like to think that these values are constant aspirations and a guide in our daily lives.


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