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'One beautiful world,  wrapped in love'


New Meeting has existed as a community supporting hopes and ideals for over 230 years. We welcome all women and men, families, the young, the old, whatever background or orientation, in a continuance of that tradition. We celebrate spirituality, faith or the search for such, truth, social justice and the right to peaceful co-existence for all.  

What began as a place and a community in Kidderminster for nonconformist Unitarian belief all those years ago, has continued to flourish as an inclusive gathering. We are supported but not bound by any creed, and are dedicated to the pursuit of peace and unity. We invite you to share with us in warm and unconditional friendship.

Social justice is very important to us and we work with New Meeting members and external organisations including charities, to promote positive change locally, nationally, and beyond.

We offer the chance to meet new people who share a sense of interest and curiosity about the questions of life and the universe. This might be through active participation in our services, discussions, social activities and events, or simply through this web site.

We believe completely in the power of good. We are optimistic that love always prevails. Whoever you are or wherever you are, we look forward to meeting you.

jrf_uk Rising food prices and a freeze on working age benefits spell trouble ahead for low income families in 2017……

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martlayton “What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind.” ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar #ShakespeareSunday

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hodgko It's deeply ironic that a man can swear on the bible and then pledge to put #AmericaFirst

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